That's really what Seaker is about. Wether you’re working on your Instagram grid, other social media feed, blog, website content or any other place where you want to present something as attractive,

Here are 3 tips that may potentially save you hours of headache while striving for a seamless feed. To start with:

Be mindful of your photo choice. 


Tip #1: Colors
Be mindful of the colors presents within a photo - for example having red objects or backgrounds in a photo for which you’d like a blue and minimal look won’t work very well.


Tip #2: Composition
Avoid selecting photos that are of substantially different composition. For example a shot of you having a dinner in a restaurant will rarely go along beside a wide landscape shot of a mountain creek. Keep your photos thematic!


Tip #3: Give it space!
Separate photos similar to each other. Say you want to post two different photos of a coffee cup, or a cosmetic product. Space them out by inserting 2-3 other photos in between, this way you will keep your feed balanced and your audience engaged!


Now you're ready and destined for success with Seaker Presets -  powerful tool for photography transformation, and the most fun part of editing process!

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